Exceptional cuvées from 1936 to 2006

Our history

The castle of Lassalle 1780

The Chateau de Lassalle was built in 1780 on a promontory facing the mountain range of the Pyrenees, a few hundred meters from the "Quart du Roi" place where King Henri IV loved to rest.

From 1824, the Chateau de Lassalle distilled its Armagnac, the Count of Peraldi, a connoisseur of wines and spirits, bought the property in 1888 and undertook major works to develop the vineyard and the chateau for the development of Armagnac and wine. In line with her grand oncle, Baroness Henri de Geis de Guyon de Pampelonne, grandniece of Count Peraldi, never stopped improving the cellars and the quality of the barrels to produce an Armagnac of excellence, recognized by the most great starred restaurants in Paris.

In 2021, the heirs of the Baroness of Pampelonne transferred the family property and its know-how to the Garbaccio family, who had fallen under the spell of the Grand Bas Armagnac region and the quality of its grape varieties.

The Castle of Castex 1660

The first buildings of the Chateau de Castex were erected in 1660 in the form of ramparts, the construction of the Chateau undertaken by the Count of Abbdie de Barrau was completed in 1789 a few months before the French Revolution. His grandson Bernard Gabriel Xavier was then writing numerous works on the cultivation of vines and the production of Armagnac. Constantly on the lookout for the best distillation processes for the "Grandes Eaux de Vie du Domaine de Castex", his Armagnac was classified "hors concours" and Premier Grand Cru du Bas-Armagnac, notably in 1855 at the Paris Exhibition and in 1856.

Since 1930, his descendants, the children of Thérèse d'Abbadie de Barrau and Baron Marc de Saint Pastou, aware of the importance of the heritage received, have maintained the family tradition by raising their eaux-de-vie with rigor.

2021 The Pursuit of Excellence and Tradition

As close neighbors and respecting the traditions of the Art of French Gastronomy, the owners of Chateau de Lassalle and Chateau de Castex are launching the prestigious LA BARONNE ARMAGNAC - Cristal range in homage to their excellent old Armagnacs and marketed by the company LA BARONNE ARMAGNAC -.

Our Great Armagnacs

LA BARONNE ARMAGNAC - offers a selection of fine unreduced eaux-de-vie and presented at the natural degree of aging, our exceptional cuvées are aged in oak barrels from the Grand Bas Armagnac region in the cellars of Chateaux DE LASSALLE and DE CASTEX, chateaux renowned for the development of ARMAGNAC since 1824 and 1855.

Art and Refinement
In the pure tradition of French tableware, our Grand Armagnacs are bottled at the chateau in a magnificent cristal bottle, specially designed and created by one of the oldest cristal factories in France.

Each of the bottles is shaped according to the gestures and methods of the 17th century. The brilliance of the cristal worked in this way highlights the sumptuous color of our old Armagnacs. Our cristal bottle is just as distinctive as the Armagnac it contains. Crafted by the best French cristal handmaker, it is adorned with our signature. Once the Armagnac has been fully tasted, this elegant bottle becomes a souvenir, ideal for your home or office interior. Of course, you will find countless other ways to reuse this unique work of art.

Our Vines and Terroir
17 hectares of vines in harmony with nature planted on the tawny sand soils of the North West region of Gers. The Baco, Ugny Blanc and Colombard grape varieties are among the ten favorite grape varieties for the distillation of Armagnac.

The location of Chateau de Lassalle and Chateau de Castex being ideal since our vines are planted in the region known as the "black heart" of Armagnac or Grand Bas Armagnac, the heart of the finest and most aromatic Armagnacs making our Armagnac the jewel of the appellation.
Tasting and Flavors
At room temperature, give yourself the time to taste our old Armagnac, observe the deep amber color with golden reflections, let your senses speak to discover the powerful, complex but also light aromas. You will find pastry aromas in which are revealed notes of dried fruits, candied oranges and prunes.

The experience is sublime and intense.

Our Prestige Vintages

VINTAGE 1936 in Demi John 70CL

VINTAGE 1944 in Oak Barrels 70CL 

VINTAGE 1952 in Oak Barrels 70CL 

VINTAGE 1959 in Oak Barrels 70CL

VINTAGE 1979 in Oak Barrels 70CL

VINTAGE 1990 in Oak Barrels 70CL

All our bottles are numbered and can be personalized engraving to order.

Cristal d'Armagnac cuvées

LA BARONNE ARMAGNAC - offers a selection of fine unreduced Armagnac eaux-de-vie presented at the natural degree of aging.

Our exceptional cuvées 1936, 1944, 1952, 1959, 1979 and 1990 are aged in oak barrels from our region. 

The Polo Club

October 22, 2022 Presentation of the prestige vintages LA BARONNE ARMAGNAC - 1952 and 1990 at the Polo Club El Dog Haras in Buenos Aires Argentina.


LA BARONNE ARMAGNAC - were present at the Fort Lauderdale Boatshow 2022, USA. Sponsor of Frazer Yacht specialist in the sale and rental of Luxury Yacht.

Jet Cards Flyers

AEROVANTI USA, LA BARONNE ARMAGNAC - on board AEROVANTI aircraft leader in the rental of private jets.

Fidem Charity Foundation Malta

LA BARONNE ARMAGNAC - participation in the charity dinner organized by FIDEM CHARITY FOUNDATION MALTA.


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